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General contractor services in Brentwood

General contractor

With our comprehensive contracting services, we ensure that subcontractors perform their tasks meticulously and on time, completing your project seamlessly and efficiently with top quality and speed. Our experienced team has both the technical know-how and project management expertise to tackle the complexities of the construction process with confidence and professionalism.


At Construction Force LLC, we are proud to be Nashville's top choice for custom home building services. With an unwavering commitment to quality and a focus on every detail, we approach each project as if it were our own family's home. From initial concepts to the final finishing touches, we stand by your side, making sure your dream home becomes a reality that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Production Homes

Our esteemed team takes pride in the meticulous workmanship of these homes, with no detail overlooked. Rest assured, our commitment to delivering prompt results does not waver.

Semi-Custom Homes

Personalize your dream home with thoughtful customizations that reflect your unique style and preferences. Our team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life and create a home that truly reflects your individuality.

Luxury Custom Homes

Enjoy the pinnacle of luxury living with our beautifully designed custom homes. Each luxury home is carefully customized and takes your living experience to new heights.

Tenant Build-Out in Nolensville and Nashville

Tenant Build-Out

For tenant build-outs, Construction Force provides expert knowledge and efficiency to ensure timely, high-quality completion. From demolition to final inspection, our professional team guarantees excellence, which has earned us a solid reputation in successful build-outs.

New Construction

New construction offers the flexibility to tailor a home or building to your needs.


With new construction, you have the freedom to design every aspect to fit your preferences and functional requirements.


Starting new ensures you comply with ADA requirements and local regulations specific to your location.


Use modern materials, energy-efficient technologies and contemporary design trends for increased value and sustainability.

Construction Management

We provide comprehensive construction management services of high professionalism to professionally coordinate your project. Many of our clients, including real estate investors, landlords, and individuals who wish to build or renovate their homes, experience lack of time to follow up on their construction projects themselves.

In response, we offer a comprehensive package of services consisting of consulting, planning, design, and execution.

New Construction wood building in Brentwood